Responsible Investment


Delivering innovative, robust and scalable solutions that ensure sustainable performance for our customers is the commitment of CPR AM as a responsible financial player. The integration of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria in addition to financial analysis contributes to the promotion of more sustainable development.  

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outstanding in Responsible Investment

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issuers rated by the Amundi Expertise ESG team on environmental, social and governance criteria


asset manager to propose a solution to fight global warming in partnership with the CDP

Source : CPR AM as of December 31, 2018

LuxFLAG label 

LuxFLAG, the Luxembourg fund labeling agency, has awarded the ESG label to three thematic equity funds of CPR AM: Food For Generations, Education and Climate.
Issued by a group of independent experts, the label guarantees the respect of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) integration rules in the fund investment process. It thus ensures our clients an external validation of the responsible investment approach and a better readability in the selection of their investments.

As a reference actor on thematic equity management since 2009, CPR AM's ambition is to turn contemporary trends into long-term growth-enhancing investment themes.

The new themes launched since 2017 all incorporate a responsible approach to combine meaning and performance research. CPR Invest - Food For Generations, CPR Invest - Education and  CPR Invest – Climate Action offer a sustainable financial response to the challenges of our century, namely the food challenge and education.


Developed by the global non-profit platform CDP and ISS - Climate Solutions, Climetrics , a UK-based independent firm specializing in rating the climate impact of equity funds, provides a clear and comprehensive assessment of the impact of equity funds on climate change. The Climetrics rating thus offers investors the opportunity to direct their investments towards companies engaged in the low-carbon energy transition.

In order to continue its commitment, CPR AM decided to use a more standardized approach thanks to the Climetrics license, for the rating of our funds, this action is part of a global approach that aims to promote sustainable finance and support everyone's awareness of climate issues. The Climetrics rating, which ranges from 1 for the lowest-rated funds to 5, focuses on three areas: the climate impact of each security in the portfolio, the integration of climate change into investment policy and the governance of the management company. In the Climetrics methodology, the climatic performance of a fund's portfolio is an essential element of the overall rating. Learn more about rated funds ...

An AFNOR certified SRI approach - Service commitment

As an extension of its commitment to responsible finance, CPR AM obtained in February 2014, as part of an Amundi group certification, the Service Commitment certification "Socially Responsible Investment Approach (SRI) for portfolio management" issued by AFNOR Certification, an independent certification and evaluation body for systems, services, products and people in France. Taking into account extra-financial criteria: Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), this certification guarantees the quality and transparency of approaches to distribution networks, institutional investors or individuals. It is renewed annually and is based on a complete reference system of evaluation criteria to access in particular:

  • The quality of the extra-financial analysis (diversification of sources, skills of analysts, impartiality in the process, reliability of tools and updates);
  • The respect for SRI rules in the constitution of portfolios;
  • The robustness and independence of SRI compliance controls;
  • The application of the voting policy and shareholder dialogue;
  • The completeness of the reports and information documents sent to investors.

For each funds concerned by AFNOR certification, CPR 7/10 Euro SR, CPR Monétaire SR, CPR Reflex Solidaire, CPR AM has established a Transparency Code according to the format recommended by the AFG. Updated every year, it details the SRI approach followed, the applied ESG analysis criteria and associated commitments. A monthly report specific to each fund makes it possible to assess portfolio investments. It is accessible, as well as the Transparency Code, in the product sheets of the funds.